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Remax Cable iPHONE Charging & Data Cable 2.1A (max), 480mb/s

Remax Cable iPHONE Charging & Data Cable 2.1A (max), 480mb/s

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Type: Charging & Data Cable Lightning Cable

Compatible with most recent iPhones

Data cable: Make of metal material, aluminium alloy oxidation process and laser carving technology, anti-wind spring wire, toughness and pull resistance, anti-rust. 
USB Port output, dual-side metal contacts, reversible blind insertion 
Gold-plating connector, anti-oxidation, smooth plug stable and durable, long service life. 
Fast charging: efficient fast charging chip, stable distribution of electricity, 2.1A (max), 480mb/s 
Metal spring wire, anti-rust, toughness and pull resistance, free to bend not winding. 
Oxygen-free pure copper core, real material, good electrical conductivity, safe and stable charging. 
Materials: aluminium alloy+metal spring wire 
Length: 1 M
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