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Eagle Air Spritz Lightweight ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheels Black

Eagle Air Spritz Lightweight ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheels Black

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Product Features

Brand: Eagle

Casing Type: Hard Shell

Material: ABS

Number of Wheels: 4

Features: Shock Resistant, 360 degrees Wheeling System, Spacious main compartment and zippered inside, Air Spritz Ultimate Protection, lightweight, Secure, Telescopic handle, Waterproof


 How to set the lock?

All locks are preset to '000', to change this you need to pull the release button and hold it. Change the three numbers to your desired code. Let go of the release button and now the code is set. Make sure it is something memorable for you but not too simple.


Product Specification

  Cabin Medium Large  XL XXL
Exterior Dimensions 55x40x 20cm 72x47x 25cm 77x51x 28cm 82x54x 30cm 86x57x 34cm
Interior Dimensions 47x39x 20cm 64.5x44x 2516cm 69x48x 28cm 74x51x 30cm 79x54x 34cm
Packing Capacity 37 L 71 L 93 L 113 L 145 L
Weight 2.6 KG 3.6 KG 4.2 KG 4.4 KG 4.7 KG
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Customer Reviews

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Purchased this cabin case to travel on Ryanair, it’s the perfect size and the quality is superb. Delivery was next day so I was well impressed plus a similar case on a well known website was far more expensive. What’s not to love.