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Selection Guide: What is the Optimal Suitcase Size for 23 kg in 2024

Choosing the right suitcase size for a journey can be crucial for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. With the ever-changing policies of airlines and the evolving needs of travellers, knowing the optimal suitcase size for a weight of 23 kg in 2024 is essential. In this guide, we'll explore the factors to consider when selecting the optimal suitcase size and provide recommendations from Easy Luggage, your trusted destination for premium travel gear, featuring brands like Eagle, Fantana, Kono, and Madisson.

Airline Policies:

Understanding the baggage weight and dimension policies of major airlines in 2024 is crucial. Easy Luggage keeps up-to-date with the latest policies to ensure your travel plans go smoothly, whether you're flying with Eagle, Fantana, Kono, Madisson, or any other airline.

Optimal Suitcase Size:

Easy Luggage offers a wide range of suitcase sizes to cater to different travel needs. Whether you're going on a short getaway or a long journey, we have the perfect suitcase size for you. We recommend the large size, and options in the range of 28 inches or 30 inches may suit your needs best. From compact carry-ons to spacious checked luggage, our selection from brands like Eagle, Fantana, Kono, and Madisson ensures that you'll find the optimal size to fit your 23 kg weight limit. Check out our collection here.

Practical Considerations:

When selecting your suitcase, consider practical features such as durable materials, smooth-rolling wheels, and convenient organizational compartments. Easy Luggage's brands are renowned for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, ensuring your travels are comfortable and stress-free. Whether you prefer the sleek and modern style of Eagle, the rugged durability of Fantana, the lightweight versatility of Kono, or the elegant sophistication of Madisson, Easy Luggage has the perfect suitcase to suit your preferences.


By considering airline policies and practical features, and by choosing from Easy Luggage's selection of top-quality brands like Eagle, Fantana, Kono, and Madisson, you can select the optimal suitcase size for 23 kg in 2024. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your travel gear is reliable, durable, and stylish, allowing you to focus on making unforgettable memories on your journey.

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