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Comparison of Hardside Luggage Materials

ABS Polycarbonate Polypropylene
Best if you’re on a budget. Strongest of all three materials. Great versatility, durable and lightweight.
Lightweight, best price. Very strong, can withstand absuse. Most versatility, a combo of light weight and durability.
Other materials are more durable. Heavier than others due to heavier duty plastic. Not as durable as polycarbonate.
Least durable. Most durable.  Medium durability.
Medium weight, depends if it’s an ABS blend. Heaviest of all three. Lightest on the market.
Least expensive, depending on brand. Most expensive, depending on brand. Moderately priced, depending on brand, (close to the same price as polycarbonate)
Most major brands offer ABS. Most major brands offer polycarbonate. Typically, most major brands offer polypropylene.



ABS is the most scratch resistant under the suitcase materials. The material ensures that the case is resistant to scratches. Also, a case of ABS will take back its shape quicker after it has a dent. Most ABS cases are lightweight so you have more weight for your luggage. A case made of ABS is not the strongest or the lightest. But this material is generally cheaper Than Polycarbonate or Polypropylene .

For the normal traveler on a budget 
Scratch resistant
Flexible and pliable


Polypropylene is one of the strongest materials and is therefore also used in making Curv. The hard shell can withstand a strong impact. It is a good alternative for travelers who find the bags made of polycarbonate or Curv too expensive. The disadvantage of polypropylene is that it is often heavier than other materials in this list.

  • For the frequent traveler with a budget 
  • Extremely strong
  • Cheaper than the above materials


A polycarbonate case also has many advantages, just like Curv. The unique thing about polycarbonate is that it is flexible in addition to being very strong and lightweight. Handy while packing, the material will dent. It is unfortunately somewhat more scratch-sensitive than a case of ABS, but that material is less firm.

  • For the frequent traveler who loves comfort 
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Flexible and flexible         

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